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Job interview via Skype: Tips and Tricks

Have you already been invited for an interview via Skype ? Not yet? What is still rare today will be more common in the future. Because in the US, it is part of everyday life to get a job via a Skype interview . And that’s just good. Anyone who still works in Munich and has tomorrow an appointment for an interview in Frankfurt or even abroad, can save the time for the long journey by train, car or plane, and can make the interview via Skype without a loss of time. In addition to the personal interview or a telephone interview, there are also companies that perform a first selection interview via Skype. The advantages for you and the companies are obvious. You save on travel expenses, you do not have to book conference rooms and are flexible in time. In addition, the HR saves the trouble of candidates who do not appear to the interview appointment.

We have six tips and tricks on how to make a good impression at the interview via Skype.

  1. Preparing for the job interview via Skype interview!

Basically a Skype interview is similar to a personal interview. As an applicant you should be prepared in any case on to provide a brief self-presentation. It is important to be aware to what it is in the position advertised and what you can expect from a job in the company, so that you can answer the questions of the HR manager adequately .

  1. Let there be light !

Optimal lighting is as important as a working technique in an interview via Skype. Avoid direct sunlight from the front and position the light source rather on the side of the computer or put entirely on completely natural light.

  1. Dress up!

Of course you would not appear in sweatpants for a job interview in the real world. Even before the camera, you should be dressed accordingly. Wear your business outfit or upscale casual clothing for the interview : You should be in natural , blue or pastel colors.

  1. Matching place

Select a suitable location, such as your desk or office. It is important that you stay in a quiet place where neither your partner or roommate nor your cat is running in the background through the picture.

  1. Always let your counterpart finish his sentences!

In an interview via video chat, the same discussion rules ( Get out of the I -trap! ) are valid, as in a conventional interview. Leave the other excuses. Listen carefully to what your interlocutors tell. And answer exactly one their questions .

  1. Look at the camera !

It is unusual not to look at a chat with the webcam on the monitor, but rather try to keep the camera on the monitor in the eye. Look directly into the camera, so that you can look your opposite in the eye.

We wish you good luck and success for your job interview via Skype !

You can download Skype directly and free from Microsoft online through the link below

Skype Software

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