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We write your cover letter with an outstanding design. Afford now our service and we are writing and designing you an application letter that immediately stands out positively . Take advantage of our uncountable experiences with applications! With our service your chances for an interview or an invitation will riese many times! So what are you waiting for? Invest now € 29 in your future!


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Application – The Cover Letter

Application – The Cover Letter. Afford now our service and we write and design you a successful cover letter. Pay conveniently by bank transfer or via PayPal. Take advantage of our unique applications! Because with our service your chances for an invitation or an interview increase by a multiple! What we need from you is a passport photo and an indication of what kind of job you want to apply, or the vacancy for which we are to submit the application. Write to us which schools you have visited, what your personal strengths are and where you’ve worked, and we will create your own personal cover letter.

Why the design of an application is so important!

After a few moments the employer has to make a final decision on a candidate. Here, the first visual impression of the resume is considerable. Only when the applicant has the right personality in addition to professional qualifications he can convey with his resume. Hard skills alone are not enough. Although work experience, education and other skills are of course important. Character and individual personality can be hardly visible on a piece of paper. For the vast majority of employers personality and social skills, however, are at least as valuable. These can now target visually presented with the design. For 90% of employers formal criteria are as important as technical skills. But one at first glance already inferior completed application is still the quickest way to defeat the really good chances of getting the job. A trained HR manager can see very quickly in the mass of applications and CVs who is willing to invest a lot of time and commitment and who sent his applications by copying and pasting to multiple companies. Those who spend less time will be relatively quickly rewarded with the cencellation. Professionally designed applications and CVs cut in studies and A / B tests above average better than the 0815 applications that we know from school yet. Applicants with an optimized outer form are accurate, natural, responsive, and more resilient to the point total estimated as more appropriate. Thus, an aspirant for the job from all sides can present optimal for the body. CV pattern for every profession to content the right design in the application, desired characteristics are highlighted by the design of the application documents. Brands and companies such as Mercedes, Porsche and Audi show how to do it right. They negotiate with the design that their products are valuable and show it at the price tag. Of course we also want to present with our service that our customer is more valuable to his potential employer. Bewerbung7 has all texts, desertions & studies evaluated on design effects to transport this advantageous effect in the application. So your personal strengths through the exterior design of the application and curriculum vitae are targeted so that your competitors look old to you and your earnings prospects rise by an en masse.

We will create your professionell cover letter

The first impression of the application is created at the first sight of your documents. Who does not convince here does not even get the chance that his experience and knowledge stations will be read. After all, who can not make it can write a professional application specifying be good enough for a job. Even if the letter of candidature has nothing to do with the job or the knowledge that you need for this, because it shows some character properties, such as Motivation, quality awareness and strive for perfection. A professionally created resume can be used again and again and makes the writing of the application not only easier, but also causes to leave a positive first impression.

The problem for many candidates is that you present yourself very similar and do not make it out of the gray mass of applications stand out. Of course it’s hard when all applicants use the textbook applications with typical formulations. Most applicants therefore present themselves very similar: A classic curriculum vitae with cover letter, which is written by the DIN 5008 standard, although fulfilled all the formalities of a German proposal, but leaves no emotions at a human resource managers – the result – will be forgotten again quickly , More modern companies consider these rigid rules, however, now as yesterday’s and old-fashioned therefore explore HR much more innovative candidate to bring the apparently above average computer skills. Therefore, a modern application received exactly the right signals. When choosing the application design, it is important that the writing is clear and easy to read. Ideally, the layout of the application fits the job and the company in which you are applying. Each candidate should be aware of the effect his his application documents. No design can hide in a letter about the lack of skills, but it may be a candidate of benefit to stand out from the crowd and more to show from its peculiarities.

If you particularly appeals to one of the designs in the pictures, then we read also that it likes the designs you and what color you would have like to.

Check out our other offers. e.g. 50 Bewerbungsmappen with your photo and your name.

The best results are achieved with a perfect cover letter and you will receive from us. Because we listen not just your professional career and strengths (as do our competitors) – NO – We give your resume to even a beautiful and eye-catching design. So you fall on direct positive! And the hiring manager who reads your application and your CV will be delighted.

Get your advantage over the other candidates! Because now more and more people are applying for a job. Make it easier to find your future hiring manager your application out of the mountain of applications, lying on his desk.

We not only write the text of your application but make it graphically and cut the text on your site. We do the graphic work, such as the straighten your application photos and colorize your application. We add your personal information in the application, so that all together creates a harmonious overall picture that your new employer will convince!

Have we created your letter, we will send it to you via email as a PDF file and as a JPG file to.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest € 29 in and a better future!

Now available as Word file

Many customers asked us if we could also send you a Word file the applications. This was previously not possible, because we have worked only with graphics editing programs. However, due to popular demand, we have not ceased to look for ways to create good designs with Microsoft Word. If you would like to send their application as a Word file, click on the option „as a Word document.“ We then create your cover letter with Word 2013. Please note that we do not work by default with MS Word and we are not able to deliver a document designs already created therefore in retrospect a Word. In addition, there may be slight variations in the color desired.

English or German Cover Letter – Cover Letter

And yet another feature in demand we make from now on available as an option. On request, we write your cover letter in English. The so-called „COVER LETTER“ is mostly demanded by foreign employers and universities. If you choose this option, we submit your cover letter in English.

Our sample letter

Like one of our sample letter, then let us know. If you find a job good design, but the color you do not like, then we can also change the color according to your wishes. Have you any other ideas, please share it with us and we will try to implement your wishes.

Personal letters

We do not use text templates. The only way we can become a personal letter every application letter. To make it tailored to suit you, it helps if we know more about you. Only when we know your strengths, we can also move in the right light.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

We are working hard. Our goal is to make everything perfect. If you see something else that we can do better, then let us know. We look forward to your comments and your suggestions.

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